Turbo Charging Your Website

31% of Canadians spend 10 hours per day on the web

Most consumers today check out your business online before ever walking through the door.

Are you prepared?

Ask yourself:

  1. Does your online presence reflect the image you want to portray?
  2. Is your contact information current and up to date?
  3. Do you regularly update your promotions, sales, events and new offerings?
  4. Are you tracking performance such as page views, visitors and time spent?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, how are you driving people to your website?

  • Radio has a turbocharger effect on browsing online and advertisers can significantly increase web traffic with their campaign
  • Radio is 4 times more cost-effective vs. other media
  • Radio is a highly efficient method of multiplying a brands online presence
  1. 52% average uplift
  2. Immediacy of response
  • 58% of population access the web with mobile devices
  • 16 to 55 demographic are most active on Internet
  • 65+ responsible for 8%
  • BC is the most web savvy province (87%) – Surprised?
  1. Kelowna 93%
  2. Victoria 90%
  3. Vancouver 88%
* Source (Business Development Bank of Canada 2013 and Dolly/Wagon/Other lines/NMR)