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The New A.B.C’s of Selling

          The internet has changed the way your customers shop and the way they buy. In the pre-internet world, the A.B.C’s of selling were “Always Be Closing” with tactics like “come in today, these savings won’t last!”

          In the new media world, the A.B.C’s of selling are “Always Be Connecting.”

          But you know you can’t pay your mortgage by connecting with Facebook ‘likes’ and you can’t send your kids to college with ‘page views.’ You can only achieve your goals with sales.

          Many marketers feel good about capturing “responses” or likes on the internet while they demand that their cash registers ring when they advertise.

          Why? Because of simple math:
Low investment = low expectation,
High investment = high expectation.

          The internet has become a free or inexpensive replacement for everything printed, from phone books to brochures and from direct mail to classified newspaper ads.

          Along with low investment comes a willingness to take more “risks” with the message; risks that can result in better connections than so-called “calls-to-action.”

          The consultant we work with to help our advertisers get better results from their advertising tells the story of a local hardware store owner who was “amazed” with her responses on social media. She said her Facebook likes jumped from 3,000 to 9,000 with one simple post. The social media “gurus” would hail this response as “going viral” and claim a 300% increase.

          During an August heat wave, she had heard about people leaving their dogs in their cars. She simply posted a “Dogs Welcome” sign on the front door of her store, took a picture of it, and posted it on her Facebook page, inviting shoppers to take man’s best friend out of the heat.

         Think about this “amazing” response. The appeal was emotional. It cost the store nothing. It had no call-to-action and didn’t try to sell anything. But it won the hearts of dog-lovers.

         More importantly, it cost the Facebook friends nothing to share it and respond. It’s easy to connect when you’re not asking consumers to “buy today”. How many likes” would posting a one day sale on paint have garnered for that store owner? Not many.

Imagine how many more connections would have been made and hearts would have been won had the “Dogs Welcome” message been delivered to thousands of radio listeners.

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