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The Local Advantage

          There are many “buy local” campaigns across the country. But the most effective “buy local” campaigns are the ones that give solid reasons to buy local.

          One of your most effective local appeals can be to support a local event or cause. The results of a 2013 Cone Communications CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Study show that 91% of consumers are likely to prefer and switch to businesses associated with a good cause, providing they have comparable prices and quality.

          Some may even be willing to pay more. A 2013 Nielsen Consumers Who Care Study revealed that 44% of American consumers and 38% of Canadian consumers are willing to reward businesses that give back to society.

          There is an advantage other than goodwill to giving back to your community. Amidst all of the clichéd commercials, and “hurry in today” messages, your sincere heartfelt message can be like a breath of fresh air to hype-weary consumers.

          Local businesses have a distinct advantage over faceless online companies, and national or multi-national marketers. National companies can only support larger generic causes, some of which have no direct benefit in your market.

     Only local companies can strategically choose to promote local events and causes that benefit local customers. Being able to talk about benefiting real people and real situations in your backyard can create a powerful emotional bond for your business……not to mention you and your employees will feel good, doing good!

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