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Selling Your Sellers

            The toughest selling job you will probably ever have is selling your sellers.    
Your sales and customer service people face rejection every day.
            They’re hearing things like “your prices are too high” or “I read a bad review about your company online” or “Times are tough and I can’t afford it right now” and a long list of other excuses not to buy.
            Business owners and sales managers who have mastered the ability to sell their sellers on the value their company and products deliver are creating winning teams in highly competitive environments.

            Your salespeople need to be continually sold on;
1.) The integrity of your company
2.) the value you deliver to customers
3.) Their personal ability and potential
4.) The company’s growth potential
5.) A higher purpose than simply getting a paycheck

            One of the most effective forums for selling your sellers is well planned sales meetings.
            Yet in a recent survey conducted by ENS Media Inc., 89% of sales people said that sales meetings were “usually a waste of time.”
            They’re called ‘sales meetings’ because they are supposed to be designed to sell!…. Selling the sellers is the most important meeting you’ll ever have.
            Strategically planned and well executed sales meetings answer WIIFM (what’s In It For Me?) from a salesperson’s perspective.

And the most productive sales meetings contain four key elements;
1.) communication
2.) training
3.) motivation
4.) entertainment….that’s right, we said “entertainment”

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