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Inviting Your Customers Back

You have always known how important it is to capture repeat business from your customers. But remember how cumbersome and expensive it was in the old media world to invite your customers to come back?

          Prior to the internet, your newsletters and preferred customer invitations had to be designed and printed, then stuffed into costly envelopes and you had the delivery cost of postage.

          To make matters worse, keeping your postal address data base up to date was almost impossible. With 20% of the population on the move because of divorces, marriages, births, career moves, income changes and more, many of your intended, “preferred customers” never received your printed and mailed message.

          Welcome to the electronic age, where you no longer have to pay for lumber jacks, truck drivers, high fuel costs, pulp and paper mills, printing press operators and postal delivery to promote your preferred customer event or forward new information to your customers.

          Creating and maintaining an email data base rather than a postal data base is much more effective and efficient today. Remember the old days when you paid extra for colour? How much extra do you pay for color online messages?

          In the electronic age, utilizing your email data base for preferred customer events and regular customer communication is virtually free of any production or delivery costs.

          When your customer retention communication is done online there are no production and delivery charges, and when your customers move, their e-mail address follows them!

          Your advertising generates new customers but we know it is critical to keep those customers coming back to you to increase the return on your advertising investment (ROI). Mining your e-marketing data base is one of the most cost effective tools to achieve that maximum ROI.

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