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I Ship My Pants

               At one time or another, every business owner asks, “How can I make my advertising stand out?”

                The short answer is, “Quit playing it safe”. “Safe” advertising is what causes most ads to disappear into the never-ending landscape of competitors, versus becoming a landmark in that landscape.

              You can click on this link; to view one of the most popular ‘viral’ ads this spring. Kmart’s, ‘I Ship My Pants’ ad is a daring example of an advertiser willing to take a little risk to clearly stand out, and more importantly, make their point memorable.

            The ad has customers saying, “I ship my pants” or “‘I ship my bed” and “I ship my nightie”, to make it clear that consumers can now have the convenience of going online to have Kmart purchases shipped to their door.

            Those same business owners who ask how to make their advertising stand out, also often ask, “Which media works best?” The answer to this question is also short and simple….“There is no such thing as a media that does not work, there are only messages that don’t work”.

             Listen to the soundtrack of the “I ship my pants” message without the video, and you’ll discover it’s even more provocative and memorable on radio, without the visual.

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