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Have Your Cake Marketing

            To make a sale today, you have to stand out against a sea of competitors. Your prospects have to understand why they should buy from you instead of one of your look-alike, priced-alike, competitors.

            But before your prospects can understand why they should choose you, you have to have a clear understanding of why they should prefer your business.

            To do that, think about why you choose your suppliers.

            Why did you choose your accountant?

            Why did you decide to list your home with that realtor?

            For that matter, why did you choose the media you use to build your business?

            Somewhere in each case, the word “trust” is inevitably part of the deciding factor. You probably trust your accountant to be accurate, your realtor to sell your home quickly, and your media to give you a return on your investment.

            But there is a problem with making “trust” your competitive advantage. Trust takes time. That’s why we date before we marry, and why we do research before we make major purchase decisions.

            Many businesses, in a desperate attempt to get instant results from their marketing, rely upon huge sales, customer events, and special offers. Time plays a role in that strategy as well. After a time, your prospects realize your “urgent call to action” isn’t so urgent after all…. time and history dictate you will probably have another huge sale or special event next week too.

            While you’re shouting about your event, most of your prospects are just like you. They are asking themselves;

            Who are you?

            Where are you?

            What do you stand for?

            Why should I believe you?

            Why should I do business with you?

            Why should I trust you?

            Ah, so many questions, so little time.

            It has been said you can’t have your cake and eat it too. But the truth is you can if you don’t eat it all at once.

            We have a proven “Have Your Cake” two-part advertising strategy that allows you to build trust (have your cake) and create immediate sales (eat it).

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