Business Goes Where Business is Invited

For today’s consumers’ choice comes with a simple click of a mouse. They can browse, compare, review and buy from the comfort of their own living room. Those who choose to buy in-store have usually already made a decision about what they are going to buy before they ever leave their homes.

Once this decision is made, changing their minds (or trying to catch their attention) is an uphill battle.

So how do businesses get customers through their doors before they have made their final decision?

Have you ever invited them?

If you are not speaking with your customers and inviting them to your business you can be sure at least one of your competitors is.

Speaking directly to your potential and existing customers and connecting with them on a personal level is the first step in getting them through your doors. Second is conveying “what’s in it for them?” to do business with you. Competitive pricing and great customer service aren’t enough, they are expected.

Look at the products or service you offer, how do they benefit people? How are they different from your competitors? What else do you do or offer that your competitors don’t or even can’t? This is what you want to convey in your messaging.

Remember that Business Goes Where Business is invited and it stays where it is well treated!