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Your Success Calendar

          When Jay Conrad Levinson, the author of Guerrilla Marketing, distilled his long list of marketing weapons into the 20 most crucial weapons, one of the top weapons he chose was a Marketing Calendar.
          Mr. Levinson suggests your marketing calendar should determine your marketing for the next twelve months.
          We know from experience that marketers who do not have a twelve month calendar are seldom able to stick to their marketing plan. The challenge of running a business and the human tendency to focus on the problem of the day rather than on your long term objective, generally results in knee-jerk marketing and mixed messages every week.
          Marketing expert Wayne Ens says, “Having a marketing calendar is like fire prevention. Not having one results in trying to put out marketing fires every week. Fire prevention is always preferable to putting out fires”.
          In our Ten Keys to Successful Marketing Calendars, key number three is “Fill in the blanks.”
          Marketing requires 24/7 365 days of the year momentum. When there is a lull in that momentum, your marketing dollars have an uphill challenge with each new event. When your calendar doesn’t have a special event or promotion, fill in the blanks to maintain your momentum. Your staff, your customers and your sales require steady consistent marketing activity.

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