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You Could Have Kept Me

You invest a great deal of time and effort into attracting customers. Have you considered employing that same degree of focus on keeping those customers?

According to new research from the eighth annual Accenture Consumer Survey, one in five customers switched companies they buy from in 2012.

            While the internet has made it easier for consumers to compare and switch suppliers, that same survey revealed that the majority of those who switched, 85% say the companies they patronized could have done something differently to prevent them from switching.

            The survey, which polled more than 12,000 consumers, found that many consumers would have stayed if their provider had acted differently. They said:

  • Broken promises are a top area of frustration for consumers. Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) of respondents indicated it’s extremely frustrating when a company delivers a different customer service experience from what it promised upfront.
  • Two-thirds (67 percent) pointed out the importance of having their customer service issue resolved during their first contact.
  • More than half (54 percent) might have remained loyal if they had been rewarded for doing more business with their provider.

            Bill Gates once said, “Welcome your unhappy customers. They can be your greatest source of learning.”

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