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Why You Buy

Thinking about your last car purchase, check only one of the following:

    I bought my car from that dealer because:

1. It was family owned
2. They have been in business since 1975
3. They gave me the best price
4. It’s a convenient location
5. They had the best selection or brand (had what I wanted)
6. The sales rep was my friend or relative
7. They offered me the best warranty
8. They gave me the highest trade-in value
9. Other?

It’s a fair bet that you didn’t choose number one or two, family owned or long time in business.


With all due respect, number one and two are about the dealership, while the choice you made was about what the dealership could do for you.

Does your advertising talk about you and your business, or does it address what you can do for the customer?

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