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Voices and Faces

          Some of the biggest marketing successes in history involved capitalizing on the voices, faces and personalities of charismatic corporate leaders.

          From Lee Iacocca’s dynamic turn-around of Chrysler to Wendy’s Hamburgers’ humble founder Dave Thomas, consumers have responded positively to the credible messages delivered by real people.

          People buy from people. It’s that simple.

Two of the Ten Tips for being front and center in your campaigns are:

1.) Check your ego at the door.

Only voice your commercials or have quotes and photos of yourself in your advertising if it is strategically correct to do so from a marketing perspective. It’s not about hearing your own voice or having mom see your picture. It’s about bringing believability and memorability to your campaign.

2.) Be approachable.

If you are to be front and center in your advertising, you must also deliver your promises by being front and center in your business. If customers cannot approach you directly and easily with complaints and comments, then you do not qualify to be your own spokesperson.

          Nothing sells like the human voice. And using your own voice and words can make your campaign stand out against a hoard of ads produced by professional anonymous sources.

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