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Uncovering Your Customer’s Needs

How to Sell Widdle Wabbits

          The joke about the Widdle Wabbit demonstrates what can happen when you assume what motivates your customers to buy, rather than questioning to uncover their needs.

          Little seven year old Mary went to the pet store to buy a rabbit. Being seven, she’s lost some of her baby teeth, and spoke with a slight lisp.

          She approached the pet store owner and said, “Pwease misser, do you thell widdle wabbits?” The pet store owner instantly fell in love with the cute little girl and tried to respond at her level.

          “Why yeth,” he said, imitating her lisp. “We thell widdle wabbits.” He continued, “Would you like that thoft widdle one over dare, dat fuwie widdle waskle over here, or dat cute widdle one over dare?”

          Little Mary pondered his response for a moment then replied, “I don’t tink it weally mattows to my python.”

          Do you think the pet store owner would have used adjectives like ‘thoft, fuwie or cute’ to describe the rabbits had he known the little girl’s needs?

          Perhaps instead, he could have offered to “package them” for her, or discussed “the nutritional value” of one over the other, but soft, furry and cute certainly weren’t going to help him make the sale.

          Most consumers today explore an average of 3 alternative suppliers by phone, in person or online, before making their buying decision. That means, all things being equal, you have a 33% chance of making the sale with every lead or inquiry.

          But, if like the pet store owner, your competitors go straight into their ‘pitch’ without determining the prospect’s needs, you can capture more than your 33% share by simply asking a few questions to enable you to tailor your presentation to each individual customer’s needs.

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