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The Wild West and Transparency

          There has always been some scepticism towards advertising caused by unscrupulous advertisers even though media companies and their governing bodies exercise a degree of control over advertising claims.
          The internet is the wild west of advertising, with little or no control, the unregulated online landscape is rife with exaggerated or downright fraudulent claims.
            Take 30 seconds to view this humorous example.
Consumers are wary of misleading advertising claims now demand transparency in your marketing and advertising. “Transparency” requires openness, communication and accountability.
          One way to make your advertising more credible and transparent is to admit your weakness up front. Your customers don’t expect you to be perfect, and a little candid transparency is more likely to earn their trust than trying to hide your blemishes or claiming to be perfect.
          A classic and successful advertising case from the 1960’s that is still studied in marketing classes today is the Avis Rent-A-Car’s “We Try Harder” campaign. Every Avis ad at the time began with admitting they were number two, thereby making the “Try Harder” campaign much more credible…..consumers found it believable that number two had to try harder to please them to win their business against the huge Hertz rental franchise.        
          When you expose your negative, your customers will often find the corresponding positive more believable. For example, if you have a hard to find location, admitting it up front and suggesting you will make it worth the drive can make your positive more believable, and more memorable.

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