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The Secret to a Successful 2014

I’m about to share with you the single most important thing about creating a successful marketing plan for 2014.

The most important thing about planning your 2014 marketing is…… planning your 2014 marketing! All too often, amidst trying to run a business, marketing goes to the bottom of the pile to be looked after ‘tomorrow’.

Like the sign at the neighborhood bar that says “Free beer tomorrow”….you know they’ve never given any free beer because tomorrow never comes.

Everything you do, from hiring your new sales manager to renewing your lease and ordering your merchandise, has a deadline. But marketing and advertising decisions always seem to be postponed.

The biggest problem with that is businesses often end up doing last-minute knee-jerk promotions in reaction to their competition, rather than strategically holding the course to build their brand. Not planning and not sticking to your plan is also the biggest contributor to over-spending on your advertising.

Do yourself and your business a favor. Mark a certain day and time on your calendar to regularly plan and review your marketing at least once a month, and don’t let all of the merely urgent distractions that come with running your business get in your way.

In his 12 Causes of Advertising Failure, Roy Williams writes, “The business owner is uniquely unqualified to see his company or his product objectively.” Don’t be afraid to invite objective participation and input from your front-line sales people and trusted advisors to your planning sessions.

I would be happy to offer my expertise or participate in any of your planning sessions to help you create more successful campaigns.

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