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The Salespeople Your Customers Love

            A few weeks ago we noticed two different recruiting ads for salespeople.

            The first ad described their ideal candidate as, “an aggressive, money-oriented closer.”

            The second ad described their ideal candidate as, “a knowledgeable, customer-service oriented professional.”

            Which of these two sales types would you prefer to do business with?

            The internet has killed aggressive money-oriented closers….the kind that generally causes buyer remorse and seldom gets referrals or repeat business. With comprehensive and competitive information available at your customers’ fingertips, they no longer can be pressured by fast talking salespeople who take advantage of their lack of product knowledge.

            If your customers or prospects knew the kinds of sales and customer service people you foster, would they be more likely to do business with you?

            The best recruiting ads achieve three objectives:

1.)  They reach out to candidates who might not otherwise hear about your position.

2.)  They attract applicants who are a cultural fit with your organization and your goals.

3.)  Most importantly, they describe the kind of salesperson your customers and prospects want to do business with.  

            Whenever you run recruiting ads, be aware that your customers and prospects might also be reached. Carefully-crafted recruiting ads can serve the dual purpose of promoting your customer-service image and recruiting the right candidates.

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