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The Propinquity Effect

        The “propinquity effect” is the tendency for people to form relationships with those whom they encounter often. The science of propinquity dictates that the more you come into contact with a person with interesting, entertaining or helpful information, the more likely you are to form a relationship with that person.

        In our Six Propinquity Marketing Tactics, one of the ways to grow your business with propinquity is by not sacrificing frequency of contact for massive reach. If you choose to create multiple contacts with your target audience instead of reaching the multitudes less frequently, you will always earn a higher return on your marketing investment.

        Another Propinquity Marketing Tactic is to ensure each contact is consistent with your brand. Creating one identity or message in one media, while conveying a different message in another media, is the equivalent of creating a split personality for your business.

        The only way the propinquity effect can work for you is for each contact to deliver a consistent brand identity.

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