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Super Bowl Ad Lessons

          The ads in this weekend’s Super Bowl XLVII will inevitably capture as much attention and post-game buzz as the game itself.
          In the past 10 years, nearly $2 billion has been invested in the Super Bowl network ads. And although your advertising budget can’t accommodate the rich $3 million plus spot rates, you can bet those who do invest those huge amounts don’t do so lightly.
          This year, there will be more than three quarters of an hour of commercials in the game, not counting pre and post-game ads. Super Bowl advertisers invest in great creative in order to be remembered amidst all of that clutter.
          A great deal of thought, expertise and research goes into every ad purchased in this high-profile program. So what can you learn from these successful Super Bowl advertisers?
          Every year the Super Bowl ads capture the hearts and minds of consumers. As a rule, the Super Bowl ads are not about price, item, sales, or tacky shouting. They touch the emotions and win the hearts of consumers.
          In our Seven Super Bowl Ad Lessons, lesson number one is “Don’t be afraid to be edgy.” Advertising expert Roy Williams says “In marketing you must choose between shouting, boredom and seduction. Which do you want?” Roy goes on to suggest that “The risk of insult is the price of clarity.” 

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