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‘Social’ References

        What would happen if someone who needed your products or services turned to their social media ‘friends’ online for a reference, but none of their friends were your customers or had heard of you?

          Social media can be a great influencer if your prospect’s circle of friends are your customers or have heard of you, but what about reaching new spheres of influence or ‘tribes’ as they are often called?

          People who turn to social media in search of references do so for one reason and one reason only. They want to minimize their purchase risk and buy from someone they trust.

          Treating ‘trust’ like a game of chance and hoping that one of your prospect’s social media friends knows about you, is a dangerous game.

          The best way to hedge your bet and build trust is to use real-life testimonials in your intrusive media advertising. Waiting until someone has a need and begins to search for testimonials online, particularly if they don’t exist, is a recipe for disaster.

          Using the power of the human voice in radio testimonials carries a number of distinct advantages in your marketing mix;

1.)  If you build trust before your prospect identifies a need and begins a search, you can actually pre-empt the entire social-search process which might otherwise promote your competitors.

2.)  Using the names, voices and real-life stories of happy customers can build trust faster than you making claims about your business.

3.)  If a prospect goes online to ask their social circle about your business, even if no one in that circle has dealt with you, they can honestly say “I’ve heard people say good things about that company” if they’ve heard testimonials on the radio.

4.)  Real life radio testimonials can reach and influence those prospects who are not engaged in social media.

5.)  As radio reaches out and touches the hearts and minds of new prospects, it actually helps you build new spheres of influence on social media networks.

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