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Share of Voice

Steve Jones, author of Brand Like a Rock Star, says “Everyone is yelling in their advertising, trying to be louder than the next guy in order to get your attention.”

He quotes his friend and fellow author, Hugh McLeod as saying “If you talked to people the way most advertising talks to people, they’d punch you in the face.”

In many ways, the internet has changed the purpose of advertising.

The new purpose of advertising is to paint a clear and positive impression of your business in the mind of your prospects so that when they identify a need for what you sell and begin their online search, they have a deep heartfelt preference that predisposes them to you over your competitor.

Ask yourself, would you like to do business with someone who yells, boasts and brags about their business or who makes wildly exaggerated claims that you find unbelievable.

When your advertising speaks plainly from the heart your prospects can detect your sincerity, and you will make an emotional connection that no amount of yelling, gimmicks, or slick production can overpower.

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