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Selling: Art or Science?

From the parables in the Bible, to the children’s stories about the Tortoise and the Hair or The Boy Who Cried Wolf, nothing makes a point quite as memorably or powerfully as a story.

In a literary experiment on eBay, Rob Walker and Joshua Glenn demonstrated the effect of stories on any given object’s perceived value.

The experiment involved the purchase of items on eBay that contained traditional product descriptions. These items were then re-sold on eBay, but instead of product descriptions, short stories were written for each item.

These stories, written by professional writers, resulted in objects which were originally bought for $1.25 a piece on eBay, being resold on eBay for an average of $36.12 each.

Telling your marketing story is part science and part art. The “science” is in knowing the buying motives of your customers and prospects, the “art” is in creating tales that reach beyond the logical mind and tug at the emotional heart strings of your customers.

Our minds told us the rabbit was scientifically engineered to be faster, and should win the tortoise and hare race. But our hearts embraced the surprise result when the underdog turtle crossed the finish line first.

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