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New Media Marketing

          “New” has always been a powerful word in marketing. “New” media captures all of the media headlines today and why not? The root word of news, is “new”, meaning anything that is not new doesn’t make headlines today.
         Often, what’s positioned as new, is really old and tried and proven. The best new media practitioners will always be strong advocates of multi-media or cross-platform/cross- channel promotions. Some may call cross-channel promotions “integrated media”, but there is nothing new about the power of cross-channel promotions.
         Greek philosopher Aristotle, born 384 B.C., explained this power as “synergy”. He explained the power of synergy when he said “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts” meaning that each part alone is not as powerful as the cumulative impact of several parts.
         Creating effective cross-channel promotions begins with having a clear marketing objective; what do you want your prospects to know about you?
Your marketing objective should always be about sales. Your marketing objective should never be to achieve click-throughs, page views, Facebook likes or social media followers. You can’t pay your mortgage or send your kids to college with any of those.
         Your strategy should be to inspire, and engage your prospects with a captivating story that clearly tells your prospects what you want them to know about you, and why they should prefer you over your competitors.

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