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Sir Richard Branson: Keys to Success

        Sir Richard Branson knows how to succeed in business. At age 16 he started his first student magazine. By age 20 he started Virgin Records, and he now has a net worth of $4.2 billion and owns more than 400 companies worldwide including Virgin Atlantic airlines.

          There is an important lesson that small and medium sized businesses can learn from this English business magnate.

          This month, he launched a multimillion dollar broadcast and online campaign that celebrates the talents of all Virgin Atlantic employees. The campaign, highlighting the skills of the crew, staff, designers and pilots, kicks off with the slogan “Flying in the Face of Ordinary.”

Branson says the campaign “gives an insight into the kind of people that make Virgin Atlantic fly in the face of ordinary and provides prospective passengers a welcome splash of red in a weary world of grey.”

“We’re always on the lookout for gifted people to grow our business,” said Richard Branson, president of Virgin Atlantic. “Our staff holds the keys to the future of Virgin Atlantic; they work so hard, and we are delighted to dedicate this new advert to them.”

Most importantly, Branson has this message for other entrepreneurs – “The ad is a powerful New Year message encouraging everyone to look again at young people and the talents they have to offer to businesses and industries all over the country,” he adds. “People are at the heart of Virgin Atlantic and this campaign celebrates them.”

Based on the lives of actual employees, the campaign traces the lives of gifted youngsters born with special skills, and how they use those talents to become outstanding employees at Virgin Atlantic.

One child has an amazing love of flight, and goes on to become a leading pilot. Another has a keen interest in how things work, and later becomes one of the company’s leading design engineers. Others with excellent people and intuition skills become outstanding cabin crew members and ground staff.

Highlighting the talents of your people in your advertising achieves three powerful objectives for you:

1.)  Public recognition is a powerful staff morale builder and motivator.

2.)  Your customers become aware of the kind of service and expertise they can expect from your organization

3.)  Your customers respect you for appreciating the role of your employees in creating their satisfaction and your success.

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