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Increase Your Sales by 20%

A Two Part Process


Michael Jackson sang, “A-B-C, easy as one-two-three” but increasing your sales could be as easy as one-two. Careful attention to two specific strategies in 2013 could help you increase your sales by 20% or more.

Strategy Number One: Be Number Two

In 2012, one in five customers, 20%,  switched companies they buy from, including phone providers, retailers and internet services, according to an Accenture study of more than 12,000 customers.

A consistent advertising outreach program can make you number two, lying in wait for your competitor’s cast-offs. When your competitor alienates their customers with a bad experience, and they will, being the next supplier on the customer’s mind can net huge dividends for you.

Strategy Number Two: Be a Strong Number One.

Be a strong number one with your customers. In that same Accenture study, 85% of those surveyed said businesses could have done something differently to prevent them from switching.

Identifying the top eight reasons why customers leave your competitor, or might leave you, and implementing processes to prevent those losses, can be one of your most effective marketing strategies.

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