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Five Second Success

          Sales trainers often suggest you don’t get a second chance to form a first impression. It’s been said that people form hard to change impressions of you in the first three seconds based upon your body language, your appearance, your demeanor and the way you are dressed.

          More often than not, it is your advertising that is your “first impression moment.” Advertising avoidance is the bane of all advertisers and your prospects decide in the first few seconds of your ad whether they’re going to click the mouse, push a button or turn the page.

          The first five seconds of your ads in any media must make your audience want to hear or see more, or they will quickly move on.

          Creative expert Jeffrey Hedquist says “That critical 5-second opening could be words, interesting voices, sound effects, music or any combination of those elements. It might be funny, poignant, shocking, intriguing, dramatic, or newsworthy, but make sure it’s relevant to the audience you want to reach as well as to the rest of the commercial.”

          Your business has many “first impression moments.” It might be those weeds growing beside your entrance way, or how many times your phone rings before someone answers it….but those first impression moments will impact your image and your brand.

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