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Advertising Clichés

The dictionary defines a cliché as, “a hackneyed or over-used expression which has literally become meaningless over time.” Yet some businesses insist on investing their hard earned cash in ads full of clichés…..phrases which have become meaningless noise to their customers and prospects.

The average consumer today receives in excess of 3,600 advertising messages a day, including radio, TV, online, mobile, packaging, signage and more.

Prior to today’s cluttered and competitive world, many advertisers did succeed with clichés and by simply keeping their name in front of the public.

Today, simple name recognition is not enough to ensure your message stands out in the crowd. Your brand needs to be associated with a clear benefit to your customers.

Branding by definition necessitates differentiating yourself from your competition. Differentiation cannot be accomplished by saying the same thing as your competitors or using the same tired clichés used by other marketers.

The litmus test to ensure your ads are meaningful and memorable is simple. If you can remove your name from the ad and replace it with a competitor’s name and the ad still remains true, it’s probably cliché and not worth paying for.

We have developed a list of clichés you need to avoid if your advertising is to stand for something and be remembered.

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