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A Process, Not an Event

        Imagine a farmer cutting down his fruit trees before they have a chance to bear fruit and then planting another crop. Yet many businesses do just that….they cut their marketing and switch strategies just as their previous marketing efforts are about to bear fruit.

It’s a common mistake to measure marketing based upon the fruit one collects this week or this month. But marketing is a process, not an event.

          New seeds grow new trees which eventually grow new fruit. The best marketers measure the seeds they plant, and when they do collect the fruit, they trace the origin of that fruit to those seeds.

Seldom is the success you experience this week the result of what you did this week. It’s probably taken you years to build the expertise and reputation that ultimately laid the foundation for today’s success.

          In automotive sales, for example, a CNW marketing research study revealed that consumers are already considering on average 6.5 models before they actually make a purchase. As they progress further towards the purchase end of the marketing funnel, they have narrowed that down to 1.7 models in the final month before purchase.

          Another huge mistake businesses make is not considering the origin of their fruit. They will often switch media, and give their new media credit for today’s success, a success that is really built upon the back of what they did prior to that switch.

          The success of your marketing funnel, as in farming, is to plant your seeds, then cultivate them consistently over time until they bear fruit. There is an old Chinese proverb which says “Sow much, reap much.”

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